Avoid these mistakes while making a website

I have been making websites for a good period of time. From my experience i have learned that on should avoid some common mistakes while making a website. Please read on..

Avoid Flash: Although i love flash and being a web designer it is the best tool to show my creativity, i have reduced the use of flash on websites as many handheld devices like smartphones, ipads do not play flash movie. And if you want to play it you either need to install a different browser or plugin. Most people don’t take such pains and would easily miss out the information that you put on flash movie.

Don’t Use Lengthy contact forms: People generally avoid filling up a lengthy contact form a contact form should be precise. But if your requirement is such where every details are important you may  go otherwise.

Keep your website navigation simple: The important pages of website should be easily accessible to a user and the navigation should not be complicated. It is good to have your links in text form as it can be  more easily read by search engines.

Images should be optimized: The images on your web page should be well optimized with proper alt tags and naming.

Content:The content on your website should be informative and precise.

Avoid audio or music: Do not use audio or music that plays automatically when the website loads as it can be annoying for website visitors.

Avoid Pop Ups: Personally as a user i find pop ups quite distracting. Specially on small devices like smart phones these pop ups cover up the whole screen and it becomes really difficult to get rid of them.  Use a pop up only when required . Permanent pop ups are big turn offs.

Spelling Mistakes: Always use a spell checker when writing content for website. Spelling mistakes leave a bad impression on your website visitors.