How to transfer domain to a new domain service provider

How to transfer your existing domain from current domain host to another domain hosting company.

Many a times we may want to transfer our domain from an existing domain service provider to a new one. There may be reasons for this. Your existing domain service provider is not giving good service and you want and your not happy with it. Or may be the domain renewal costs of existing service provider has gone too high and you don’t want to pay too much price for the renewal. Whatever be the reason you can transfer your domain to a new domain host by following the following steps

  • First apply for domain transfer on the new domain hosting companies website where you want to transfer the domain.
  • Your domain should be  valid and already registered with another registrar.
  • The domains must be registered for at least 60 days and in unlocked status
  • You must obtain an authorization code to transfer to new domain service provider from your existing domain company
  • The domain transfer is usually completed in 5-7 days time.