How to Make your own website

Whenever you think of making your own website you have plenty of questions about  domain name, designing of website, web hosting, website features, website development cost and finally who will design the website?

First of let me explain here few things that are essential to make your website.

  • Your website domain name: A domain name is basically the name of your website which  like, etc. It is usually the name of your business or a related name. The domain name choice is entirely yours. The domain names are available with various extensions like dot com, dot in, dot org, dot net and many more extensions. Dot com has always been the most popular domain extension.
  • After choosing your domain name you need to buy web hosting from a good web host or you can hire a web designer who will do this for you.
  • Once the domain and web hosting is set up you need to explain your web designer what all you need in website. How you want your website to look. You need to provide contents, images and other details of your website. Once you have done this the designer will you a website layout and after approval he will complete your website  with your inputs
  • Now when it comes to website cost it depends upon you. You may either choose a professional web designing company or hire a freelance website designer who will do the job at a reasonable price for you.

Once you have finalized domain name hosting and chosen your web designer your website will be ready in a few days time.