How to configure your domain for google apps?

When it comes to best email solutions, there is nothing like gmail. Among plethora of email service gmail is one of the best. If you want to use the reliability of gmail for sending and receiving emails in a professional way then google apps is for you. Google apps was a free service till few years back and it offered ten free email accounts on your domain.

Things have changed now and google apps has become paid. But the paid mail is worth every penny as it is very much reliable, no space constraints like filling up of mail box as it happens when you use your local hosting providers email service. Also sending and receiving of mail is most reliable. Many a times when using other email services emails are not delivered or received 100% of time. Such issues hardly arise when using google aps. The best thing about google aps is that you are using your own domain for sending and receiving of emails which is very professional and ideal for any business.

How to configure your domain for google aps?

In order to start using google mail service for your business first you need to have a domain. You can have an existing domain or purchase a new one when you sign up for google apps . The registration is quite easy and takes only a few minutes. You need to fill all the valid information while signing up.

Once your account is set up you need to verify your domain by either uploading an html file or including a code on your website.

Once your domain is verified you need to change the mx records of your website through cpanel and insert the mx records of google. Delete any other previous mx records and update with google mx records. After completing this step your website is ready to start sending and receiving emails.






Make any number of accounts as desired and start using professional mail service without any hassles.