How to choose best,reliable web hosting for your website?

How to choose best web hosting

How to choose best web hosting

When it comes to making a website you need two most important things, your desired domain name and web hosting.
Without web hosting  a website cannnot go live on internet, in other words nobody will be able to access a website if your website is not hosted on server.

What is Web Hosting?

Web hosting is the space that you buy on server where all the pages, images and database of your website are hosted. A server is basically a computer that store all your files and runs non stop all the time.  The company that provides web hosting is called web hosting provider. When a user opens a website the server or web host peforms the job and user can view the page through browser. Whether you have a company website, blog or an e-commerce store you need to have a good and reliable web hosting.

Points to be kept in mind when choosing a web hosting provider

  1. Web space required for your website
    Every website has unique requirement for web space. A small 8 to 10 page static website will require very less space, a more complex website using content management system like wordpress, joomla, drupal will require more space. Web space requirement of an e-commerce store, blog or company website varies accordingly. Check the web host providers and their hosting plans and choose the one that suits your requirements.
  2. Uptime of web hosting
    Uptime means the extent of time the website is availabe to users. Most web host providers strive for 100% uptime, but uptime above 99% is considered good by industry standards. Sometimes due to internal server problem, upgrades or traffic issues  a website may experience downtime, however with good hosting providers such issures are minimum.
  3. How fast is your web hosting
    Another most important factor to consider is the speed of your web hosting. Users do not stay on a website that takes too much time to load. Your website performance is very much dependent upon the time taken by the website to open.  A good and reliable web host has fast loading time and good user experience.
  4. Reputation of hosting provider
    In these competetive times there are vast nubmer of hosting providers. Some provide hosting at very low cost. But sometimes cheap hosting can harm your website as they are prone to malicious codes, virus and hacking. Do not choose a web hosting just because it is cheap. Investigate about the reputation and cilentele of hosting providers. There are many hosting providers which offer economical hosting plans and are also reliable. 
  5. How much traffic can your hosting provider handle in a month
    Website traffic means total number of visitors visiting a website.  A small company website or blog does not need to bother about traffic issues. But a website that recieves lot of traffic everyday requires a hosting that can handle considerable amount of traffic. If you are expecting high volume of traffic on website go far web host that fulfills your requirement.
  6. Security of your website
    It is imperative that your website is in safe hands. Security is the biggest issue faced by most website owners. A good reputed web hosting genrally is very safe than and highly recommende over local web hosting providers. 
  7. SSl Cerificate
    SSL refers to Secure Socket Layer. SSl certificate is required for websites that deal in financial transactions like accepting payments through debit cards, credit cards etc. Also if your website collects personal user information SSL shoulde be installed. Good web hosting providers genrally provide ssl as part of hosting package. SSL can also be purchased separately.
  8. Good Customer Support is very important
    Good Customer support is very important when choosing a web host. Always choose a website hosting provider that have record of good customer support. Most hosting providers provide support through chat and telephone.
  9. Location of web server
    Location of your web host server can play a role in website loading time. Generally nearer the location of server to your country, better is the loading time. This factor can also be beneficial for website SEO.
  10. Easy installation of some important web applications and Cpanel access
    Web Host Providers should provide a CPanel to manage your website, install different web applications like wordpress, Joomla, Opencart ect. You should be able to create and manage database if your website uses database.
  11. Consider which plan is best for you.
    Most Web Hosting Providers run attractive schemes. Some even offer free trial period. Most web hosting plans have discounts if you buy it for longer tenure.
  12. Free emails most hosting provide
    A professsional looking email address with your own website domain name for e.g: always looks better for business. Opt for hosting plans that provide free email creation for custom domain.

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