How to Capture leads from website

A website is one of the most fundamental marketing tool for your business in today’s times. We are living in highly competitive times and it is not easy for a small business to survive. Things have changed and so has means of marketing. A small business cannot afford to spend huge amount of money just on advertising. Print ads, radio commercials and television ads are too costly and most of the times beyond the budget of a small business.

Definitely there are many means by which you can get business but nothing is as effective as a website, particularly in today’s times. A website can be developed at a much lesser cost and has far more reach than any other medium. Once you get a website it is important that you display your contact number, email id and address so that the user can reach you easily. A better idea is to have your contact number at the top right position of website or it should be placed at a position on web page where it is easily visible. Having your contact number on the home page makes a lot of difference as many users do not go to the contact page of website.

Having a contact form on your website is also very important as many users prefer to communicate through email. Do make sure that you contact form is working. Do include your email id, contact number, and address on the contact page of your website so that users find it easy to reach you. Having your address map on the website is also very useful for users looking for your address or location. If a small business keeps these above tips in mind and implement it correctly on the website it can bring them a lot of potential leads and clients.

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